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Nickslots a Casino Streamer on twitch

Nickslots is a british casino streamer that started stream in spring 2016. Nickslots plays casino almost every day of the week and is in the top section of casino streamers on twitch.

Nickslots casino streamer

Nickslots and Casumo

Since Nickslots started stream casino he been playing at two casinos, he plays on both Casumo and Rizk. Nick is an part of casino grounds together with some other big streamers. Nick had very strong opinions about fake casino streamers and have talked alot about it in hes stream and blog.

Nickslots Twitch and Youtube

When Nick Slots is streaming slots at Twitch’s viewers enjoy, often over 500 viewers at the same time and it has just grown and grown past 6 months. Twitch is a stream site for more than just the casino but NickSlots we see only in the casino section.

All Nicks highlights and sessions is able to be seen in hes youtube, here everything is collected also livestreams is able to be seen here even if its not as popular as twitch its usually between 200-300 viewers under a session. Youtube dosent have any point system and isnt as well developed for streaming as Twitch.

Nickslots fake or not?

Since we are in contact with almost all the best casinos online we know for sure that Nick isnt a fake casino streamer, that means that he dosent get money to play with from the casino to play with that isnt withdrawable. But Nick is like every other streamer an affiliate in this case at Rizk and Casumo so he gets money from people signing up and depositing money at those thru his links.

In the end, Nick Slots is a great Casino streamer that deliver lots of entertainment to his viewers. Go to www.twitch.tv and find all great casino streamers 2017.